Avoiding Shadows

QTVR             As seen on Flickr

When the sun comes out there's no need to head for the shade. Unburdoned by a tripod avoiding your own shadow is the simplest thing in the world - well almost

The matador approach - get out of the way

shadowA      shadowB
  • Take one of your up shots with your back to the sun.
  • But standing to the side of your camera and with your arms stretched out take 2 pictures, one from each side.
  • Erase your shadow from the best of the 2 pictures. And from the other erase all but the patch you need to paste over it and enough around it to put some stitches in Hugin.

Put the two together and ...

  • A section of the blended equirectangular image
  • Now there's just a small hole where camera and hands were and the shadow of the string also needs to be cleaned up. Maybe plastic fishing line would have saved us the trouble.